by Mirab Sanat Rastin Pars

Indentation Test

The Indentation test is designed as an accelerated test to check the resistance of the coatings on the pipes in order to determine the penetration rate of the external object, under constant temperature and applied load conditions.

Due to the weight of the pipe or the soil on it, the pipe coating may experience local pressure during pipe laying or operation. For this reason, performing this test in order to determine the resistance of the coating against the force of external weight is very important in checking the behavior of the coating.

The penetration rate is measured as a function of temperature at a certain time with the help of digital indicator on the device and is generally used for all types of non-metallic coatings, especially polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE) coatings.

This device is designed according to ISO 21809-1 (2014) and EN 10289 standards, and it has the possibility of checking three samples simultaneously.

Technical Specifications:

  • A heating system (oven) with a fan in order to make the temperature uniform during the test with accuracy of ±2 degrees Celsius (according to the standard).
  • The possibility of examining three samples simultaneously.
  • An indenter with a diameter of 1.8 mm and a cross section of 2.5 mm square and a force application system (weight) with a weight of 25 newtons.
  • With a holder to tighten the sample during the test for coating separated from pipe.
  • Has a digital indicator in order to accurately determine the depth of the indentation.