by Mirab Sanat Rastin Pars

Flexibility Test

The flexibility test is designed to check the resistance of three-layer polyolefin coatings applied on metal to bending at different angles. This test is performed on cut pipe samples. This device is designed in accordance with ISO 21809-1 (2014) and ISO 21809-2 (2014) standards, and it has the possibility of examining samples at different bending angles.

Device components:

The flexibility testing machine has a hydraulic system to apply tension, a base and mandrel system to apply bending, and a digital protractor to observe the degree of bending of the sample.

Test sample

Covering laboratory samples should be cut in dimensions of at least 200 mm in length and about 25 mm in width along the axis of the pipe or use a coated laboratory sample with dimensions of 6.4 x 25 mm and in a length of at least 200 mm.