by Mirab Sanat Rastin Pars

H2S Tests

The sour gas laboratory is used as a major item to check the performance of steels used in pipe construction in the presence of sour gas (API steels). Due to the widespread use of this type of pipe in oil and gas lines, it is necessary to know the standard of the pipes. This laboratory and set of tests provide the possibility of checking the performance of this type of pipe in order to ensure the resistance of the pipe to the sour gas environment. For this reason, it is necessary to have this laboratory in order to check the manufactured product in all stages of pipe production, including rolling and pipe production sequences. In addition to pipe-producing companies, pipe-consuming companies are also required to check the pipe for resistance to hydrogen sulfide gas.

The sour gas laboratory has been designed and built in order to conduct HIC and proof ring tests in a way that creates a safe environment for the deployment of personnel, hood, and test equipment. In addition to the laboratory design, this laboratory has a heating and cooling system, a place to install the capsule outside the building, a place to install a fume hood, a remote monitoring system, a neutralization tank, and an emergency vent to reduce the risk of H2S gas. The solenoid valve system is designed to quickly cut off the gas flow and has a gas detector with the possibility of commanding the solenoid valve and an emergency ventilation system for air evacuation and a mask system for the H2S environment.

Mirab Sanat company is one of the leading companies in the construction of laboratories and testing equipment in the environment containing H2S. In addition to the sour gas laboratory, the main equipment of these tests includes the HIC test chamber, proof ring, four-point bending test, special hood for very toxic gases, hydrogen permeability test and dead weight test, among the products of this company in the field of material performance evaluation in the environments that the H2S gas exits.