by Mirab Sanat Rastin Pars

Coating Inspection

In order to check the behavior and efficiency of the coatings in very corrosive conditions and harsh environments, the tests to check the properties of the coatings are used. These tests are designed to check the performance of the coating in working conditions and determine the resistance of the coating to environmental factors such as impact or scratches. The most important equipment for checking the performance of coatings manufactured by Mirab Sanat Inc. are as follows:

  • Cathodic disbonding test: In the conditions where cathodic protection is applied, the cathodic disbonding test is used to check the behavior of the coating during the application of cathodic protection.
  • Scratch or gouge resistance test: This device is used to evaluate the scratch resistance of epoxy coatings such as single and triple-layer fusion-bonded epoxy (FBE) coatings and polymer coatings. In this method, the coated sample is placed in the device holder and its scratch resistance is calculated by the depth of the indentation created by the indenter. This machine is manufactured in accordance with NACE TM 0215 and CSA Z245.20 standards.
  • Impact resistance test: This device was designed and manufactured in order to check the impact resistance by drop weight method in organic coatings and single-layer fusion-bonded epoxy (FBE) coatings in accordance with ISO 21809-2 and ASTM D 2794 standards. In this test, the piece is coated in square blocks or cut from a coated pipe. Then the indenter is dropped on it from a specified height (one meter) and the acceptance or rejection of the coating is determined by the Holliday test (dry or wet sponge) or visual inspection.
    Paint and coating inspection equipment is generally used to check efficiency, and resistance and determine the working range of paints and coatings in the laboratory environment.