by Mirab Sanat Rastin Pars

Remote Cathodic Protection Monitoring System

This device is used for remote monitoring of cathodic protection systems. For this purpose, the device is connected to the cathodic protection system and sends the current and voltage intensity with the help of SMS to the desired number in order to monitor the pipeline cathodic protection continuously and remotely. This method can increase the number of data logging, reduce human resource costs, severely inflict human error, and allow continuous recording of information.

Technical Specifications of the Machine
  • Possibility to monitor at least two voltages and two current densities simultaneously.
  • It has a precision of 1.0 V / Amps in the range of 100 V / amp, and a precision of 1 mA in the range of 1 V / Amp.
  • Ability to declare the battery status of the device.
  • Possibility to send SMS to multiple numbers simultaneously.
  • Possibility to adjust the intervals of sending SMS.
  • Ability to work in warm environments with warm and humid temperatures up to 60 ° C .
  • Contained with anti-humidity and theft box.
  • It has a solar panel and battery to operate in low current conditions and a minimum lifetime of 1 year.
  • Has an SMS-sending system with the help of a GMS modem.