by Mirab Sanat Rastin Pars

H2S Lab

The H2S lab was designed and manufactured to carry out HIC and proof ring tests according to NACE TM177 and NACE TM0284. This lab creates a safe environment for operators and testing equipment. In addition to the design in the form of a laboratory, it has a heating and cooling system, a two-layer door system to reduce the risk of gas flow, the place of installation of the capsules, the installation of fume hoods, remote monitoring system, neutralization tanks, emergency evacuation system to reduce the risks of H2S gas, the electrical shot valve system for fast gas flow stop and gas detector with the possibility of closing the valves and evacuating the air and mask system for the H2S environment.

The specification of the H2S lab is as follows:
  • H2S corrosion-resistant body.
  • H2S Capsule and fume hood location.
  • Double-layer door to reduce the risk of working with gas.
  • It has a powerful emergency evacuation system with the ability to evacuate the entire air in less than 10 seconds and with a 3-phase power supply.
  • Maximum possible air sealing to prevent the outflow of toxic gases.
  • H2S Sensor with the ability in activating the Emergency Air Conditioning.
  • Containing an electrical valve in order to stop the flow of gas in case of leakage.
  • Containing a Neutralizing system with NaOH.
  • Has a remote monitoring system inside the hood and inside the lab (with 3 cameras with network connectivity).
  • Remote and manual emergency activation system.
  • Has two masks suitable for work in the H2S environment in the form of a half mask, a full face mask, and two emergency escape masks.
  • Contains CO2 capsule for fire extinguishing (2kg).
  • With a sink and a table to prepare specimens and wash the samples.