by Mirab Sanat Rastin Pars

General Corrosion

The main focus of the Mirab Sanat incorporation is on manufacturing the laboratory and industrial equipment used in analyzing the corrosion behavior of materials. General corrosion tests allow for checking the efficiency of equipment in corrosive conditions. In this category of tests, equipment and materials are placed in corrosive conditions so that their performance in these environments can be examined in terms of efficiency or working time. Mirab Sanat Inc. is one of the creative and innovative companies in the field of manufacturing corrosion testing equipment in the middle east. Among the products of this company in this field, the following products can be mentioned:

  • High pressure and temperature test cell: This equipment, which is made of stainless steel (SS 316), is used to check the corrosion behavior of materials at high pressures (3000 psi) and temperatures up to 150 degrees Celsius.
  • Copper corrosion test: This test is used to check the corrosion behavior of equipment made of copper in environments containing oil, lubricant, gasoline, or LNG.
  • Rack Test: In the rack test machine, with the help of a simulated path, the corrosion rate is determined in a wide range of temperatures and pressures with the help of a weight loss corrosion coupon. 
  • Salt Spray Test: In order to simulate the behavior of corrosion in metal samples and to check the behavior of coatings, a salt spray device has been designed and manufactured. This test is a very economical way to check the corrosion rate and evaluate the corrosion resistance of coatings.