by Mirab Sanat Rastin Pars

Cathodic Disbonding Test

The Cathodic Disbanding Testing Machine provides the possibility of simultaneously examining 8 samples independently (8 different voltages in the range of 0-15 volts). This device has 8 independent outputs and in every 8 outputs, it is possible to control the voltage independently. In addition, it is possible to read the current density and voltage difference between the cathode and anode and the negative pole and reference simultaneously in all 8 channels.

This device is designed and manufactured by Mirab Sanat in accordance with CSA Z245.20, DIN 30670, IGS-E-TP-010-1A, and BS EN 12068 standards. In addition to the device, the test package includes a film removal tool, a knife for removing the cover, a drill bit, a transparent cylinder for pouring the test fluid, electrical connections, a platinum electrode, a calomel electrode, and a holder for installing the electrodes.

Technical Specifications of the DT1680 device are as follows:
  • The possibility of 4 different tests (in terms of voltage and temperature) simultaneously.
  • Ability to perform 16 tests simultaneously without a reduction in current density and with completely independent outputs.
  • The possibility of increasing the temperature to 80℃, with a uniform temperature.
  • Possibility of automatic turn-off after a certain time.
  • The possibility of high-temperature testing for long periods without using the hot plate as the heating device.