by Mirab Sanat Rastin Pars

Gouge Resistance Test

The gouge resistance test is used for determining scratch resistance in epoxy and polymeric coatings. This device is designed and manufactured according to NACE TM 0215 and CSA Z245.20 standards.

Technical specifications of The gouge resistance test device:

  • The device holder provides the possibility of testing flat samples with standard dimensions100×100×6 (mm) or pipes with standard dimensions.
  • The device has weights of 30 and 50 Kg according to the standard.
  • The possibility of applying force completely perpendicular to the sample.
  • The speed of linear movement of the device is variable and within a controllable range.
  • The device provides the possibility of automatic stopping after passing the desired standard distance (75 mm).
  • The device has a dial indicator to determine the depth of immersion with an accuracy of 0.01 mm.
  • The device is designed and manufactured according to NACE TM0215 and CSA Z245.20-14 standards.
  •  The device has a standard indentor to apply force according to the standard (d = 6 and L = 16).