Wheel test machine

Wheel Test machine

Application: simulate the behavior of corrosion inhibitors in tubes containing oil or chemical products.

Standards: NACE 1D182

This method is an economic way in estimating the corrosion rate, evaluating the corrosion behavior of inhibitors and analyzes of surface corrosion witch working with minimal need for operator monitoring.

Technical specifications WT1880 are as follows:

  •  Ability to simultaneously check 12 to 24 different environment.
  •  Ability to increase the temperature uniformly inside the device up to 90°C.
  •  Ability to change the speed of rotation of the device between 20-90 rpm.
  • Easy saintliness of the sample holders.
  • Transparent door from Plexiglas to monitor the samples during the test.
  • The inter and outer body of stainless steel.
  • The possibility of planning the device in order to change their sample rotation in specified intervals.
  •  Ability to automatically disconnect the device after a specified number of rotations.

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Wheel test machine
Wheel test machine

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Wheel test machine