Salt spray test

Salt Spray test

This device is designed to simulate the corrosion behavior of metal samples and to investigate the behavior of the coatings. This test is a very economical method for evaluating the corrosion rate and the evaluation of corrosion-resistant coatings and surface corrosion analyzes. With the least need for continuous operator monitoring, only placing specimens inside a chamber test at a specified time (several hours to several days) Provides the ability to determine the corrosion rate. This machine has been designed in accordance with ASTM B117-97, ASTM G85-02, DIN 50-021, BS 3900 standards.

usages: Analyzing the corrosion behavior of coatings and paints at high humid and salty environments

StandardsASTM B117-97,ASTM G85-02,  DIN 50-021, BS 3900.

The technical specifications of the ST 80 are as follows:

  • Possibility of working in the range of 25-80 degrees Celsius with precision of the ±1°C and with a perfectly uniform distribution inside the device.
  • Possibility to work at pH 6-8
  • With a volume of 300 liters and 50 liters of salt water tank.
  • Dimensions 160 * 140 * 90 cm and interior 60 * 60 * 90 cm.
  • Elements to increase the temperature at a high temperature test to 80 degrees Celsius.
  • It has a sensor for reducing the amount of salt water in the tank, a water temperature sensor and a fuse interrupted in the case of excess flow.
    The body is completely corrosion resistant.
  • Ability to automatically shut down the machine after a specified time.

Chamber properties

50×60×90 centimeterInterior Enclosure
130×90×140 centimeterExternal Enclosure
Plexiglases, PVC, Aluminium (external enclosure)Materials
60-25 degree Celsiusworking temperature
30litsalt container volume
Sensor of water reduction alert, temperature sensor, Electric sensorsSafety devices
temperature controller with the accuracy of 0.1 degree Celsius, ،shut down timerControlling devices
1AC 220V/15 Apower

At the request of the purchaser the possibility of adding the following features are accessible:

Resistant chamber for acetic acid injectionASTM G85-02
quick dring chamber with air flowASTM G85-02

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Salt spray test
Salt spray test chamber
Salt spray test chamber

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