Tol corrosion test

Top Of Line Corrosion Test

Top Of Line Corrosion (TOL) occurs in multiphase systems and when the water vapor in the gas phase condensates on the pipe walls. This occurs due to heat exchange between the pipe and the surrounding environment (river water, seawater or cold air), and this phenomenon intensifies if the pipe is not insulated or buried at a reasonable depth.

Technical Specification

Ability to raise the temperature inside the chamber by up to 70 ℃ with the help of a corrosion resistance heating element.

The TOL testing machine has 5 coupon holders: four coupon holders at two different heights as compared with the test fluid surface, with the ability of simulating the thermal gradient via the cooling system at the coupon top surface, and a submersible coupon for comparison.

Transparent Plexiglas body.

Completely gas and water sealed.

Has the ability of gas purging in and above the test fluid.

Ability of monitoring the temperature of test fluid, air above the test fluid and cooling system temperature.

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