Fog chamber test

Fog chamber test

To evaluate the corrosion behavior and life of electrical insulators, a humidifier test device or 1000 hour test is used. These devices use ultrasonic technology to produce moisture. Turbo spray (room humidifier) ​​with fixed spray capacity is used as an atomizer for water droplets of 5 to 10 micrometers. Salt spray nozzle is selected according to IEC 62217 standard.

An ultrasonic nozzle or nozzle is placed underneath the compartment and sprays up the top of the chamber. The filler must be filled with the container and should not be sprayed directly to the test specimen. Salt water is prepared from NaCl and de-ionised water, which is injected into the sprayer. Fog and uniformity are maintained in the sample area.

The technical specifications of the Fog Chamber made in the Knowledge Base of Mirab Industries are as follows:

  • It has the ability to increase the humidity in accordance with standard (IEC 62217) by ultrasonic method.
  • A test chamber with 2 vertical and horizontal holders (a horizontal sample and a vertical sample).
  • Monitoring and recording the the humidity percentage and current voltage at specified intervals.
  • It has 3 tanks of water, concentrated salt water and diluted salt water and 4 pumps to produce moisture.
  • It has a digital control system to test and apply changes on the device.
  • Has a digital cut-off system and counts the number of insulator breakdowns.
  • Transformers are used to produce appropriate current to the insulators.
  • Have two collectors to to ensure the correct operation of the device.
  • Insulated with polycarbonate or plexiglas (transparent) in order to protect the body and visibility of the device.
  • The dimensions of the device are at least 150 * 100 * 100 cm.
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  • Fog chamber test
    Fog chamber test
    Fog chamber test

    Fog chamber test Fog chamber test