Rack test

RackTest and Corrosion deposit monitor

In this method, known as the Rack Test, with the help of a simulated track, corrosion rates are determined at a wide range of temperatures and pressures with the help of coupon installation. This method is a very quick and economical way to determine the corrosion rate of the system having inhibitors, water and chiller lines which provides an opportunity to check the performance of the passing fluid. This machine is designed and manufactured in accordance with ASTM D 2688 standard.
The technical specifications of the Rack Testing Machine are as follows:

  • PVC pipes and fittings with a diameter of 1 inch
  • H2s 4 compartment compartments
  • Rotameter with GPA 10
  • It has a Y-streamer to remove solid particles
  • Has a check valve
  • Possibility to work up to 60 and 8 bar
    In the Fouling test, in addition to all the specifications related to the test rack, a thermocouple is used to increase the temperature and to evaluate the high temperature sedimentation rate. This machine, designed and built in accordance with the ASTM D4778-98 standard in the Knowledge Base of Mirab Industries, has the following characteristics:
  • PVC pipes and fittings comply with ASTM D 4778 standard
  • Coupon compartment
  • Rotameter with 10 GPM
  • It has three places for digital temperature monitor
  • The device has a frames panel (Teflon with dimensions of 50 × 60 ??)
  • It has a replaceable test specimen in order to investigate the fouling behavior of the material of the C1018 steel and has a heater-cooled installation site.

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  • Rack test increase the temperature to 60 in digital form
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