cathodic disbonding test

cathodic deisbonding testing chamber

Cathodic disbonding analysis was used to evaluate the performance of the coatings in the case of cathodic protection design. The cathodic disbanding tester has 16 independent output and the output voltage can be controlled in each 4 outputs. In other words, the 4 different voltages can be applied simultaneously for 16 samples. In addition, this device has a high temperature chamber which is capable of testing up to 8 samples at high temperatures (up to ℃ 80). This device is designed according to the DIN 30 670, DIN EN ISO 15711, ASTM G-8, ASTM G-42 standards.
Technical Specifications of the DT1680 device are as follows:
1. The possibility of 4 different tests (in terms of voltage and temperature) simultaneously.
2. Ability to perform 16 tests simultaneously without reduction current density and with completely independent outputs.
3. The possibility of increasing the temperature to 80℃ , with a uniform temperature.
4. Possibility of automatic turn-off after a certain time.
5. The possibility of high temperature testing for long periods without using the hot plate as the heating device.

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cathodic disbonding analysis of coating


cathodic deisbonding
power supply cathodic deisbonding

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