Bioreactor or Fermenter

Bio reactor produces a dynamic environment for controlling the growth of microbes, fungi, cells, enzymes and antibiotics. This kind of devices is consist of various sensors that control the bio factors accurately regarding the bio factors. During the growth, the various sensors installed on the device control the bio factors accurately, and rebuild the environmental and chemical conditions to their original form. Ability to change the growth conditions is possible manually or automatically.

Device properties

Interior Enclosureup to 50 litr
Materialsstainless steel
working temperature25-45 Celsius degree with accuracy of 0.1
pH sensor 0-14 with accuracy of 0.1
sensor CO 20-2000 ppm with the accuracy of 1% FS
sensor N 20-2000 ppm with the accuracy of 1% FS
sensor Ec1-6 ms/cm
Controlling devicesacid and base alert sensor, ،shut down timer, over load electrical fuse, Temperature sensor, N2, CO2 and pH sensor, Ec meter
power1 AC 220V/15 A

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