tape wrapping machine for small size pipe

The automatic tape wrapping machine applies two layers of tape simultaneously,  with a variable overlapping up to 90%. This machine wraps 0.5 to 4 inch pipes and is up to 11 times faster than the manpower. This device has automatic wrapping arms and forwarded system that can wraps a 6-meter pipe in less than 2 minutes.

Automatic wrapping machine, wraps the small size (household) gas pipes. In this method, the tape is placed on the device at the desired location. After that the overlapping percentage will be adjusted with the help of the control circuit and the machine will start its work. The high velocity of the wrapping, the accuracy of the tape tension force as well as controlling the overlapping percentage are unique features of this device, which can be used for low diameter pipelines.

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automatic wrapping machine
Small size wrapping machine
automatic tape wrapping machine
Small size pipe tape wrapping machine

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